Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Now I'm not usually one to wish the time away, but I'm so excited about February that I really can't help it! First off, me and the lovely Alice from Fashion and Circus will be spending a couple of weekends down in London doing some scouting and buying on behalf of Paper Scissor Stone! The first weekend will be spent at PURE trading show and the second at the one and only LFW. One of our main tasks will be to check out all of the new emerging talent, scout hot new labels and make decisions on what will fit with the style of the store which I'm so excited about. I can't wait to see what we discover! Then on the 24th of February, the fabulous RAG Fashion Show that I'm on the committee for will be taking place! A team of over 20 of us have been auditioning models, scouring stores, styling, choreographing, publicising and fundraising for the event since so November and we're so pleased at how it's coming along. I know that it'll all come together perfectly on the night and I can't wait to watch the models in action. You can keep up to date with all the happenings here - we decided such an exciting event needed it's very own dedicated blog!

So now, of course, all of this excitement has left me with absolutely no room in my head for economics revision or dissertation writing. My head is filled with schedules and publicity ideas and plans for cramming the most into our trips to the capital. I spent at least ten minutes of my marketing exam today considering what items in my wardrobe would make the most practical yet stylish outfits. January is gonna be a long month...

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  1. Your feburary is going to be amazing!